Thursday, March 22, 2007

The "imaginary" jihad of the Balkans and reactions to it

For over a decade western so-called experts dismissed out of hand as pro-Serb any claim that a jihadist network is being established in the Balkans. Furthermore, these people went out of their way to promote how the muslims from Bosnia, Kosovo and other parts of ex-Yugoslavia are supposedly secular.Well, it seems their claims have been(for the umpteenth time) denied by the reality on the field.

What is even more perplexing, however, is the reaction from mainstream muslim organisations. The men arrested belong to the "extremist" wahabi group and it would be safe to assume that the official representatives of the Sandzak muslims would denounce them and support the police actions, since the wahabi group goes against the secular and pro-European orientation of the majority of muslims. Yet, what happened were sympathetic and self-serving communiques from the islamic community, even claiming that the weapons that the wahabi group collected were to be used against that same islamic community. If that is the case, how come they had anti-tank weapons? Does the islamic community in Sandzak have tanks, perhaps?

Makes you wonder, are the wahabis really extreme, or there is something else to it?

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