Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aaaaawww, poor baby!

Ever see a kid having it's temper tantrum where it complains about things not going it's way and whines how everyone is so mean? Sure. But ever see a supposed grown-up do the same? If not, take a look how the blogger who has written about the Hitler impersonator in Kosovska Mitrovica reacts to others quoting his blog entry.

So the baby doesn't like that others took notice of his exploits. Boo-freaking-hooo! Cry me a river! Why did you go in public then? You complain they took your words out of context? What context did you have in mind, baby? What possible context can there be for anything connected to Hitler other then negative?

What is it exactly that you complain about Mr.Baby? Is it perhaps that the place that still looks favourably on der fuhrer simply doesn't fit in the post-modern, globalist utopian vision of yours? Or that the "Republic of Kosova" you so simpathetically write about is not as rosy as you'd like to paint it? Whatever the reason is, the cat is out of the bag, deal with it, instead of whining about "right-wingers", "Bush cronies" and "Serb nationalists".

And be sure to put me on the list of those that allegedly misused your blog entry. I feel unjustly neglected.

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