Wednesday, February 28, 2007

He got it at the last stop before oblivion

It was 6th time lucky but Martin Scorcese finally got his well deserved Academy award. It's true that he made better movies in the past but there is no doubt "Departed" was the best movie this year and yours truly has given a very positive review of it here.

If, however, there is any common sense left in the world, these Oscars should be the last that are actually worth something. Over the past couple of years they were less and less hommage to the motion pictures and more and more a stage for promoting liberal mulitculturalist social engineering. As if "Brokeback mountain" wasn't bad enough, now they had to actually give the award to "The goracle" and his pseudo-science! Pitiful even for their standards.

So enjoy it, Martin! It's propably the last of the Oscars that was recieved for purely artistic reasons. From now on, political correctness is order of the day.

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