Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And now?

In the midst of legal inconsistencies that beggar belief, such as declaring themselves competent when Bosnia and Hercegovina in 1993 sued the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia but doing otherwise when the same FRY sued various NATO countries in 1999, and contradictions and absurdities in the verdict itself, the only logical outcome in theInternational Court of Justice could have been this one.

So what is going to happen now? I do not have the ability of forsight but I know what should happen. First of all Serbia must adopt a more rigid stance towards bosnian muslim officials. No more talks and pleading of reconciliation but demands that they cease with their agressive stance regarding Republic of Srpska. It goes without saying that Serbia must categorically reject the part that speaks of a "genocide" in Srebrenica and also any attempt to abolish the Republic of Srpska as an entity.

Further development will depend on the reaction of bosnian muslims. Will they finally drop their holier-than-thou attitude and start a true reconcilliation process or are they going to insist on the "victim" propaganda that was constantly parotted throughout the 1990-ties by the mainstream media. As much as I'd like to think it will be the former, all facts point to the fact that it will be the latter because it seems the 1990-ties fantasy of the bosnian war is firmly rooted in the new "bosniak" national identity of the bosnian muslims and to let go of it would mean it's complete deconstruction and would force them to finally ask real questions about their origins. And seeing the example of one of their most prominent countrymen many of them are already wary of answers.

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