Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thou shall not express politically incorrect opinions or else...

A prominent ballet dancer has been exposed as a member of a political organization demmed "undesireable" by the ruling establishment. The press organs are calling for her to be dismissed and banished and angry mobs outside her place are threatening here. When and where is this happening? Stalin's USSR? Hitler's Germany? No, present day Britain.

The victim of this witch hunt is the primaballerina of the English National Ballet Simone Clarke. Britain's prime multiculturalist paper "Gruniad" infiltrated one of his paper in the British National Party, a political organization deemed "racist" and "extremist" by the mainstream media. In course of his infiltration the reporter got hold of the party's membership list in London and the paper duly published it, thus violating just about every journalistic code concerning privacy.

From then on it was a barrage of media fire lead by the usual suspects in the "Gruniad" calling for the ENB to sack the hapless dancer for not cow-towing to the official party line. The quality of her performances is simply not an issue nor is her standing with the co-workers. She's not politically correct, end of story!

Ms.Clarke's attitude under such flak is indeed admirable. In a situation where many a man would fold and bend over backwards to apologise to evereybody and his dog, she said it will be a problem for her from now on but that she has absolutely no regrets about joining the BNP nor does she intend to quit her job. And, thankfully, the ENB has no intentions of dismissing her (for now).

One thing is interesting in this whole affair. When asked why she kept her membership a secret Clarke replied that it is because many people are offended by other's political beliefs. I suppose that's one way of putting it, but I believe that Clarke, at least subconsciously, knew that she would be in for this treatment. And that is indeed scary.

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