Thursday, January 11, 2007

Surge in troops...and what else?

President Bush has outlined his new strategy for Iraq. It remains to be seen whether it is to be succesful. In my opinion, it will not change the situation much because these measures are treating the symptoms not the root cause.

The divisions within Iraq have been present for centuries and they won't go away all of a sudden because Bush has decided to send in the cavalry. Saddam Hussein has been able to reign in the tensions(trough methods we are all aware of) but the clumsy and inappropriate way of getting rid of him now threatens to have the whole region boiling over. Also, American planners have seriously misestimated the attitude of the people in Iraq towards ideas such as democracy, universal human rights and freedom and could not comprehend that there are people in the world who value something else. The worst part is that they can not bring themsleves to admitting that they were wrong and are thus unable to present any kind of idea except throwing in more money and troops.

One thing is significant, however. Bush has turned down any proposal of bringing Iran in. On the contrary, he has claimed that "US is effectively at war with Iran". And American troops are starting to act accordingly! Let's hope this does not lead to surges other then those of troops.

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