Monday, January 22, 2007

Much ado about nothing

Those are elections in Serbia in a nutshell. Radical party is no closer to power then was before, Democratic party has surged to second place, with the prime minister Koštunica's Democratic party of Serbia(if this sounds like something coming right out of "Life of Brian", you are not mistaken. Take it from a Serb) and allied parties slipping to third, while the new Liberal democratic party, the darling of the US and european liberal globalist establishment, has managed do claw their way towards 5%.

The most likely outcome is that the so-called "democratic governement" will be formed, but the details are anybody's guess. Will Koštunica insist on being prime minister? What ministries will each party hold? What will be the new governements policy on Kosovo? Will they insist, as they should, on preserving it as a part of Serbia, albeit fromally for the time being? (An interesting footnote of these elections is that Koštunica's coalition won in Kosovo and Metohija) Will the negotiations with the EU continue and under what terms?

And what if Koštunica defies all predictions and forms a coalition with the Radical party? Anything is posible in politics, you know...

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