Monday, January 29, 2007

Just say NO!

As expected UN envoy Ahtisaari proposed, no matter how hard he has been trying to sugar-coat it with euphemisms, that the West simply takes away Kosov and Metohija from Serbia. Since by now US and the EU have all but given up on talking the russians into not vetoing the eventual UN resolution on Kosovo indipendence they will now try to bribe and coerce whichever Serbian governement to cede it's historical heartland.

The only possible answer from the Serb people should be a firm resounding NO! No to surrendering it's historic lands, no to dismembering of it's country and! And there is nothing, as far as this writer is concerned, that the US or the EU can offer in return or intimidate with to make us change our mind!

Realisitcally, what can they do? Block the way towardsthe so-called European integrations? We had several EU officials saying lately that for the time being all expansion is frozen and that the Union has yet to cope with the latest members. And why would Serbia want to join an organisation bent on taking away it's teritory? On the contrary, it is Serbia who should break off all negotiations with such people. (plus, personally, I believe we are better of without the EUSSR) Economic sanctions? With so many investments from the EU countries it is debatable who has more to loose. Plus wherever some countries might step out others will eagerly step in. Military intervention? Hardly unlikely if not impossible, this is not 1999, to much has hapenned.

So there is basically nothing to fear from flatly refusing any kind of plan that forsees severing Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia. The West will grumble and scream and go into a state of semi-hysteria but in the end they will still have an unsolved Balkan situation and obsolete recipes of solving them. They will be forced to think of something new that includes a change of direction, and fast. If they however insist on clinging onto the Rastenburg-1944 syndrome(*) all Seriba has to do is sit in the banks of the river and wait for the corpses of it's enemies pass by, sooner rather then later.

(*) Rastenburg-1944 syndrome is my own term for describing the state of mind in which the Western globalist and multiculturalist establishment is in now. It manifests in detachment from reality, living in it's own universe where everything is rosy and vehement efforts to convince it's surroudings and the general public that their perception is the correct one.

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