Thursday, January 25, 2007

Henry Ford democrats or the essence of democratist folly

Neil Clark has written a very interesting piece in the Gruniad about international reaction to the elections in Serbia. It is a worthwhile and lightly amusing column that exposes what at first glance is blatant hipocricy and inconsistency of the Western establishment.

It is, however, much deeper then simple arrogance that is at play here. The attitudes of western elites towards "undesireable" results of some elections are best proof of the essential folly of "democratist" ideology advocated pricipally by neoconservatives in the USA and a good deal of liberals. They completely ignore the differences among human beings that derivate from them belonging to a certain culture with it's value and belief system that is not necessarily the same as their own. Ideology not dealing with such factors or facts firmly rooted in reality is simply utopian and pursuing it regardless is at best dangerous and at worst insane. That is why the indignation at peoples not electing those favoured by the western elites, although comical in certain aspects, is not amusing at all.

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