Sunday, December 30, 2007

Are my personal posts too off-topic?

That's a question for all my readers over the New Year's Eve. A Serbian reader expressed opinion that they do not fit in with the general tone of the blog. I believe they are just a way of lightening up this place. What do you people think?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Andrew McCarthy nails it

The title says it all: Benazir Bhutto killed by the real Pakistan

I do have a couple of minor qualms, though. McCarthy should have posted other data from the poll he quotes. Such as:

- that 80% of Pakistanis do not want al Qaeda pursuited and
- that 60% want a larger role for sharia law

Another thing is that the article should have been much more general and should have gone more in depth. With the former, it should have explained where does such attitude among the Pakistani population come from and with the latter would come a natural primcipled criticism of the whole fantasy about promoting democracy around the world.

Still, when it comes to establishment politicians, Bush is actually the sane one. Some want the US forcibly deposing Musharaf altogehter.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just how vile can reporters be?

Vile enough to misinterpret you in a way to make you look like a Hitler supporter. That is exactly what happened to Will Smith. Here's what he actually said:

"Even Hitler didn't wake up going, 'let me do the most evil thing I can do today.' I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good."'

Admittedly, his phrasing was a bit unfortunate and trivializing but it takes some malice and/or ignorance to conclude what the reporter followed up with:"Remarkably, Will believes everyone is basically good."

Excuse me while I gag. That is certainly not what Smith said. He said that Hitler himself did not see his actions as evil but as good. To stay in the field of motion pictures(with the risk of sounding trivial myself), it's like Anakin Skywalker saying in the "Revenge of the Sith": "From my point of view the Jedi are evil".

Hitler went through great lengths in "Mein Kampf" of explaining his views and reasons for his hatred of Jews and he ends one of his chapters asserting, with characteristic pathos, that "by fighting against the Jews he was doing the work of the Lord". Stating these facts, albeit with awkward phrasing, is in no way an endorsement of Hitler's views or actions nor does it deny the evils of his ideology and governement. So Will Smith is no Hitler supproter, it's just that the reporter in question is an ignorant bufoon or unscrupulously seeking a sensation. Or, which is most likely, both.


Serbian parliament adopted the latest resolution on Kosovo and Metohija. It's text is the spitting image of the current governement: all over the place, without a proper head or a tail.

Almost no concrete measures were proposed, and the formulations are left open to just about any interpretation by any political party. Anything demanded by the governement is already it's obligation according to the constitution, the resolution was not needed at all from that standpoint. This search by Koštunica for a broad front has taken it's toll on the sharpness of the tone of the document and it is ultimately futile as long as there are people sitting in the governement that tacitly have more affection for EU/NATO then for Serbia(the LDP traitors do not count). Until those people are unseated we can never hope for a consistent, clear policy.

The only point that is indeed significant is the one emphasiszing that NATO membership is officially off the board for the forseeable future and that any change to that policy must get over the obstacle of a referendum. Thank goodness for small favours.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Johnny Cash is turning over in his grave

I thought of him the minute I saw the headline of this Jihadwatch thread.

And I was certainly not the only one. Reader Pelayo gave his own lyrics, adapted to the situation:

I hear the Mahdi commin'
He's commin' from the well,
And I am gettin' ready
To send you all to Hell.
Ya know I'm here in Folsom prison,
But that won't save your skin
The jihad keeps on goin'
and sure as Hell we'll win.

When I was just a toddler,
My daddy, told me, "Son,
You're gonna be a martyr,
So, here's a brand new gun."
Yeah I shot a man in Bagdhad,
Just to pave my way,
I'll have seventy-two young virgins
And that'll make my day.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

To all my readers celebrating today, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your families.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The penny has finally seemed to drop

Ever since 9/11 the editor of Frontpage magazine David Horowitz has been very careful about ideologically identifying Bin Laden and his followers. First they were terrorists, then "extremists", "totalitarians"...In spite of hosting regularly Robert Spencer, he never could really bring himself to accept that what Bin Laden preaches is fully in accordance with mainstream islamic teachings.

When George Bush uttered the term "islamo-fascism" I could bet that Horowitz was overjoyed because it finally gave him the ideological label close to the truth but which does not step over the boundaries deemed accepted among the mainstream US conservatives. Soon articles about the evil of "islamo-fascism" flooded Frontpage and Horowitz's organization even sponsored the "Islamo-fascism awareness week" on US campuses.

Then something happened and as of last week Horowitz is singing a slightly different tune. He asks "Is islam the problem?"

To his credit, it has to be said that Horowitz published other authors besides Spencer and interviewed people who were of different opinion. But the main line of Frontpage and Horowitz's Freedom center was well within the establishment conservativism and the Bush administration policies that still clings on to the myth of a "tiny minority of extremists hijacking a religion of peace". The perpetuation of those myths as well as of the fantasy of the "domnioes of democratization that will start from Iraq" that logically stemmed from utter ignorance of islam, it's postulates, tennents and history and the hubris of power is an epitome of everything that is wrong with American mainstream conservativism. And Horowitz has played quite a part in it

It's good that he is finally strting to see some light, but the question is will he manage to keep his eyes open or will he avet them? Because, it will get uglier the more he looks.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weekend personal post for 22nd and 23rd of december

The lack of last weekend personal posts is due to intensive preparations for the slava and a small illness. But I'm OK now. And St.Nicholas has gone by.

It was a resounding success. We had most of the relatives and friends over and they all praised my wife's cooking, especially her sweets, which is significant since St.Nicholas is during the Othodox Christmas fast(no meat or milk in any of the dishes). The highlight was the meeting between my niece and my wife's goddaughter. They had a blast togehter and hopefully they'll meet again. The only downside is that we exaggerated in food whether quanitity-wise or in choices and thus we had just about every meal ensured until today. People are always afraid they will run out. But it was our first slava and now we know better.

I've started buying holiday presents already and have bought them practically for everyone I wanted, believe it or not. All that is left is to have a look for something for myself, athough whether I actually buy abnything will depend on whether I get my salary next week. We spent quite a lot for the slava.

Today my afore-mentioned niece turned 6 and will start school next year. It seems like yesterday when they informed us of her birth. They do grow up fast, don't they? My wife's niece will be 4 months old soon. She has the look of her mom now, whereas a month ago she was the spitting image of her dad. We'll see how she will become.

I did get to see the two games that made the day today. (You thought I'd miss them, ha!) Inter beat Milan while giving one of the worse performances of the season and withotu several first-team members to boot, that's how superior they are to their city rivals. And Real Madrid won quite deservedly the El Clasico'. Rijkaard should be sacked, end of story. It's disgraceful what he is doing to Barca.

That's it for this weekend. Stay cool during the holiday season.

Friday, December 21, 2007

International law out of the window

Finally everyone is playing with open cards. The western powers have finally admitted they are bent on a land-grab not seen since the 19th century with regards to Kosovo and Metohija. Russia, China and other SC members have declared themselves in support of international law.

Kosovo and Metohija are now an issue that far surpasses itself as a piece of land. Now it's about justice vs. brute force, law vs lawlessness. It is no exaggeration, it is a statement of fact. Serbia has picked it's side and you know which it is. Which one is yours?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

St. Nicholas

Today is my Slava, St.Nicholas. All non-Serb readers who want to learn more about this exclusively Serb custom can go here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Well, I suppose that is as good an excuse as any

Two suspected jihadists in Scotland say that they were hunting the Loch Ness monster. Well, it sure beats the "inner spiritual struggle" explanation.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Sounds like something straight from Asterix, but it is a historical fact: Phillip of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great conquered all of Greece, except Sparta. Not that he didn't try, though. He sent a warning to Spartans:"You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city." The Spartans, always witty, replied with one word:"If..." In spite of the city by then being in steady decline for over a century their reputation was still very high and eventually Phillip dropped the idea.

Gates of Vienna has thankfully decided to call it a day in the war against LGF. There is no point, nobody is as deaf as those who do not wish to hear and trying to get them to listen is a waste of time and energy. In the comments section, Fjordman added final remarks in two parts that show the kind of people Charles Johnson has been using as sources in order to smear Fjordman, GoV, Sverigedemokraterna and others. Fjordman concludes with:

If Mr. Johnson still had a shred of decency left, he would apologize for ever linking to that organization and distance himself from both their viewpoints and their methods.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

What are you waiting for, it should already have started!

We will never be able to thank Julia Gorin enough for standing up for Serb people. She does it again in her latest column at Frontpage magazine. Besides the usual, proven facts however she gives us a well deserved criticism:

...saving Europe, and ultimately America--via Kosovo--requires everyday Serbs, particularly American Serbs, to take part in this battle. You must speak up in your capacities as citizens, contacting your representatives, writing letters and donating to the cause, which your enemies do all too well. Wherever you encounter articles about the “genocidal Serbs” or about Albanian or Bosnian purity as victims—particularly the abundant articles that pander to the sizeable Bosnian and Albanian communities within the U.S.--you must write letters to the editor. You must explain that the reality isn’t so black and white and that the newspaper isn’t doing its American readers any favors by protecting them from the truth about their “refugee” neighbors.

Julia has touched the key problem with Serb mentality. The vast majority of us is waiting for something to fall from the sky, for a messiah to come that will whisk away all our problems. We ourselves make zero effort, we just don't understand that we have to invest something in order to get something in return. It is in good measure a consequence of the system that ruled former Yugoslavia from WW2 until it's end. The general atmosphere of "work as much as you like and take as much as you can" convinced generations that they have "divine" right to all pleasures of life and that they are free from all obligations to any entity larger then themselves. Talking of which, we hava another character flaw that impedes such an action, which is vanity. Ones don't want to participate because they didn't get leadership postitions, others because their ideas are not accepted, another group does not want to "defend Milosevic"...Not to mention the divisions dating from WW2, largely based on obsolete ideological terms. It will take time to overcome this, and that should have been done long ago and sprung into action. I believe that not even today is late, but even if it was I would feel much worse if we did not even try. If for no other reason, then let's not let down Julia Gorin. After all she's been through for us we owe her that much. Get to work, my fellow Serbs!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Well, this does it for me

Maldives are definitely off my "places to go on a holiday" list(not that I could ever afford it, but still...). If you want to see why, take a look here.

And I believe all civilized people should follow my example.

Monday, December 10, 2007

You definitely could not make this up!

First Mohammed drawings, then the pope, then Mohammed the teddy-bear and now it's football shirts. A lawyer from Turkey demands that Inter's Champions league game against Turkish club Fenerbahce at San Siro, which Inter won 3-0, be cancelled and registered as a victory for the Istanbul club(I don't have any link in English but Gazzetta dello Sport is a serious paper). Reason? Inter's away football shirt reminds him of the Templar knights and the crusaders!

Evil crusader Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the incriminated shirt

The lawyer said that "watching the game at San Siro gave him a tremendous pain in the soul" nd that the "cross on the shirt reminded him of the bloody days of the past".

I'll tell him what really gives pain in the soul. It's reading about the fall of Constantinople or about how Serb boys were taken away from their mothers to become yanissaries or how the insurgents against the Turks were impaled or crucified when caught or about Ćele kula.

Since the shirt is in honour of the pending centenary of FC Internazionale and has roots in the coat-of-arms of the city of Milan, how long before he asks that it too be declared illegal?

The coat-of-arms of the city of Milan at the time of the founding of FC Inter

And while he is at it he'll propably try to get the flag of England banned too.

Many will dismiss this guy as a nutcase, and the whole affair as inoccuous. But is this any more serious then Mohammed the teddy-bear?

UPDATE: Dhimmiwatch caught the story, as I hoped.

Beneath contempt

How low can one go in order to prove his dellusions to the world. Apparently as low as denying what he professes to believe in. This is what Charles Johnson did by inviting a notorious leftist to his site in order to prove that Vlaams Belang is in effect a neo-nazi party. After fueling Johnson's paranoia by confirming his "guilt by association" charges he proceeded about Bat Ye'or(Gates of Vienna has the whole story):

Øyvind Strømmen repeated several times his criticism of Bat Ye’or at LGF, and stated that although he doesn’t believe Bat Ye’or is a Fascist, she “spreads a conspiracy theory, a conspiracy theory which in fact makes up a significant part of the mythos of Eurofascism and which sadly has gained quite a bit of a hearing amongst both conservatives and liberals.” He again stated that “I do blame her [Bat Ye’or] for providing a considerable part of the Eurofascist mythos by spreading the false idea of a Eurabian conspiracy.”

And what words does Strømmen have for Sir Martin Gilbert, for example, who is full of praise of her work? Rest assured that only the accident of Bat Ye'or's birth protected her from the "nazi" smear. Because it sure didn't protect Oriana Fallaci who Strømmen has persistently attacked in the most vile of terms, and whose photo still exists on the LGF site. How does Johnson feel about that? And what is next? Will Johnson deny the existence of global jihad as well? The most egregious part is when Charles Johnson says that "GoV is attacking the source and not the message" while at the same time doing the exact same thing when somebody posts information refuting his charges.

Johnson has done some pretty low things but this kind of attack on Bat Ye'or by a notorious apologist for islam is truly beyond all pales.

He was fortunate to pick the right holiday

How ignorant do you have to be to advertise ham for a Jewish holiday? Now the Jews, outraged by this insult to their religion, will be burning effigies and wielding banners demanding that the grocer in question be put to death. Rabbis will call for holy war against the "gentile sons of apes and pigs" in their shabbat sermons in sinagogues all over Israel and wherever Jews live.

The more intelligent of you by now realize that the previous paragraph is a joke. But it does have a serious twist to it. If this were "Ramadan ham" there would be demand for heads rolling. And not as a metaphore.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Personal entry for the weekend of December 8th and 9th

Here's some more about my everyday life. Preparations for slava are now seriously under way. Yesterday and today we did some shopping for food and material and as of wendesday the preparations will go into full throttle. The wife will spend practically the entire afternoons baking and boiling and the weekend will be particullarly difficult since she will have to do without me on Saturday because I'll have to work(instead of December 31st). Thankfully she'll have the help of my mother and hers otherwise I feel she's going to exhaust herself.

Also, preparations for the New Year's eve have started. The missus and I haven't got anything ready just yet but something will come up, it always does. We decided back in October not to travel anywhere for the New year since we had quite a bit of travels this year. Last New year we spent in Vienna, then summer in Greece, then Barcelona for our honeymoon. Time to take it easy just a bit.

Yesterday evening we visited my sister-in-law and her family. Her daughter will be three months old in a couple of days. She is truly a bundle of joy. She loooooooves being carried around instead of just lying on her bed. Soon she will be able to sit up and crawl and that opens new problems for the parents. But I am sure they will handle it.

I watched a little less football this weekend the previous week propably being somewhat of a put-off. Arsenal and Liverpool suffered their first defeats in the league. We'll see how that affects them. Man United leading the pack now. Inter is still devastating and had gon 5 pionts ahead of Roma and Real keeps winning in spite of not showing the most brilliant of footballs. Why was it that they sacked Capello? Somebody remind me, please.

Busy days ahead of me and important events coming up. I need to be in shape and you need to stay tuned. ;-)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hitchens at his usual

It took longer then I expected but it was inevitable that for all the lavish praises and the wining and dining Christopher Hitchens would not be able to contain his nastiness and villainy. "Commentary" has a rebuttal(well, sort of) of a particularly vicious attack on the Jewish holiday of Chanukah of his. I guess you can take Hitchens out of the left but you can't take the left out of Hitchens.

My opinion is that it could not have happened to nicer people. While they are trying to put on a humorous mask rest assured they feel dismayed over this text. Ever since 9/11 the establishment right embraced Hitchens as a long-lost brother just because he is self-serving and cowardly enough to figure out the real goal of the islamists. The awards, the media space, the publicity the endorsments kept flying in because of his professed enthusiasm for the "war on terror", "Iraqi freedom" and the "battle against islamo-fascism". And how does this vile individual repay this? By launching scatching gratuituos attacks on religions they profess and hold dear and that form the basis of the civilisation they claim to protect. That's what you get when you let every Tom, Dick or Harry jump onto your bandwagon as long as he claims he is fighting "fascism".

And before you start pointing out that the west allied itself with the USSR in WWII(against real fascists) Stalin at least had the decency to tell his communist minions to lose the pre-war anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist propaganda and concentrate all venom on Hitler. Which is more then can be said for Christopher Hitchens.

Disgraceful, pityful, embarassing

That sums up the sorry spectacle seen last night at Marakana. But nobody should be surprised at all. For years the clubs value has been dowtrodden on purpose in order to get some tycoon to buy it at a knockdown price and it seems the objective is being reached now as we speak. This explains the mass sales of best players the signings of those with dubious qualities and much, much more.

The fans are the only thing left of this once great club. Luckily, we are the only ones truly irreplaceable.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fjordman on Kosovo and Metohija

Another one from the one and only Fjordman, this time about Kosovo. Besides giving clear facts he shows to what extent people are, even today, deluded with MSM anti-Serb propaganda during the 1990-ties.

That's the way to do it

This billboard was photographed in Belgrade yesterday. It says "We shall defend what is ours, we shall never surrender, KOSOVO IS SERBIA". The reference is to Churchill's "We shall fight them on the beaches" speach.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Blogging some news

Putin wins. And calling it a landslide is an understatement! The percentage he got will almost certainly give him a two-thirds majority and a clear mandate from the people. As much as many are whining about irregularities, real and imagined, nobody contests that this is more or less the real feeling of Russia towards Putin.

Chavez looses. Bet you never saw that one coming! Apparently, asking for unlimited numbers of terms in office was a step too far. So now what? Well, his term expires in 2012 and he'll be around at least until then. And 5 days is an eternity in politics, let alone 5 years.

Gillian Gibbons is pardoned. Who? The teacher in Sudan which had a kid name his teddy-bear Mohammed. The unbelievably bizzare, from the point of view of any sane person, reason for her incarceration has overshadowed her personal plight up to a point where she was no longer the main subject. In a way it's sad but it may have some positive side-affects such as reasonable people at last having a bit deeper thought about islam itself. Especially since mobs even demanded that she be killed. Talking of which, don't for a moment believe she was pardoned because the authorities have seen the injustice of it all. The case was an unmitigated PR disaster even in the context of multiculturalist Europe and America so with this damage control went underway.

And last but not least, Annapolis came and went. The two sides apparently promised to find a solution to the conflict by the end of 2008. Yeah sure, and Kosovo and Metohija were supposed to be indipendent by the end of 2006. Bush is really desperate for a legacy, so desperate he is willing to renege his own words! Anyway, here's a piece by Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihadwatch that gives a realistic appraisal of the situation.

I'll give more on these topics and others as well in the following days.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Personal entry for the weekend of December 1st and 2nd

Saturday was family reunion day. It was the anniversary of grandads death and we all gatehered around lunch. Usually we spend the tiemtelling anecdotes from his rich and colourful life. It is incredible how he managed to climb up from utter poverty and practically an orphan to a respectable life. The highlight however was playing with my 6-year old niece. I still remeber the day we recieved news of her birth. Early in the morning we recieved a call, still sleepy...She is a gem and a true light in our lives.

After lunch we spent the afternoon resting and watching TV. Luckily we hawe two sets otherwise she'd never see a thing because of my football. Again I watched from 4 pm to midnight. Milan and Juventus played a game with lots of rhythm, no too many chances and no goals. Juve needs a creative player in the midfield and Milan players can not seem physically to withstand a Serie A game. They look tired and slow all the time. Barcellona can not win away from Camo Nou. This time it was Espanyol that stopped them in spite of Barca scoring first. What is wrong in that team? It seems that the relations between players are at truly low level.

Don't get me wrong. My life is not sad and barren and monotonous, it's just that there so little to do outside of home these days. We checked all the coolest plays in theaters and the choice of movies sucks. In fact, the movies launched lately are one flop after another. Is the industry running out of ideas? Anyway, "Beowulf" looks promising, I'll try to check it out.

The missus has today already started collecting food for the slava even though it is almost 3 weeks away. It's the first time she's the head hostess so she wants to make it all perfect. Who can blame her?

Afternoon was more football. It's amazing how superior Inter is to others. Fiorentina, up to two weeks ago the only team that hasn't lost a game along nerazzuri was set aside without breaking sweat. And soon I have to prepare for the week at work.

December is here and the year's end is just around the corner.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Dream on, we'll never die!

"No man, no problem". That was Stalin's idea of a solution and it is alive and well in the so-called progressive, multicultural west of today, as the words of a French general say:

French Lt. Gen. Xavier de Marnhac also said the problem of tense relations between Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority and Serb minority would eventually reach a "biological end" as the average age of the Serbs was much older.

Back in the days of civilisation, before the dark times, before post-modern relativism there was a name for such behaviour: genocide. Sixty years ago the euphemism was "final solution" now it's "biological end".

If I were this general I'd be more concerned about the "biological end" not dissimillar to the one he refers to in Kosovo and Metohija sweeping the suburbs of French cities then about something happening in a foreign country. But that is too much to ask since this would require the ability of critical thought long since eradicated among the so-called elites.

I'll save him the trouble and tell him that we'll sooner see the "biological end" of his nation then mine. Some vitality is still left in us if for no other reason then to spite the likes of him, whereas his country is spiritually dead and his rise to the rank of a general is the greatest testimony to that fact.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Is it cold in here, or is it just me?"

The movie quote is from a 1993 action movie "Demolition man" , with Silvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes. It was your untypical Hollywood blockbuster because of some of the major parts of the story.

Anyway, Stallone playing the tough LA cop and Snipes playing an extremely violent criminal are put in a criogenic freeze as a new form of punishment for participating in an incident that had many innocent people killed. As time goes on the city of LA undergoes radical changes. And this is where the typical part of the plot ends. Because the dystopian world shown in this movie is far away from your usual Hollywood apocaliptic picture. In this movie, the dystopia is based on leftist liberalism!

Seems far fetched? Let's look what is in the film. Guns are banned and deemed thing of the past as is any form of violence, even by the so-called law enforcement agencies. Meat is illegal as well as any kind of spicy food and smoking too. Pregnancy is strictly planned by the governrment. Words deemed unpleasant are replaced with conjured-up phrases such as homicide being referred to as a "non-sanctioned life termination".

Sound familiar? Yep, many of this exists today in reality. We have the ban of smoking in public places, we have all sorts of agencies, governememnt and not, moving towards the ban of advertisement or an outright ban of various foods because they feel "it's bad for us". Then there is "Planned parenthood"...

But most of all, we have the inept governements and security forces unable or unwilling(it does not really matter) to do what it takes to protect people from dangerous criminals and at times even protect themselves(as the situation in Paris shows it quite well) thanks to decades of brainwashing with political correctness.

At the time the movie was savaged by critics, who in their reviews were talking about the trees while missing the wood completely. Superficially, it is a brainless action movie. But, it was meant to be on purpose in order to show the liberal dystopia stripped down to it's subtext. Not even the surname of Sandra Bullock's character, Lenina Huxley, rang any bells. But if it's any consolation for the moviemakers, they were much closer to predicting the future then they could possibly imagine.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Orwell for all times

It would be easy to write about "1984" or "Animal farm". Instead I offer one of Orwell's critical essays dated from August 1941 about H.G. Wells(hat tip:Brussels journal). The large part of it is valid today as it was 67 years ago:

What has Wells to set against the ‘screaming little defective in Berlin’? The usual rigmarole about a World State, plus the Sankey Declaration, which is an attempted definition of fundamental human rights, of anti-totalitarian tendency. Except that he is now especially concerned with federal world control of air power, it is the same gospel as he has been preaching almost without interruption for the past forty years, always with an air of angry surprise at the human beings who can fail to grasp anything so obvious.

It's the same with the globalist and universalist pundits of today. Why secure borders when we'll have a globalist democratic world? Why fight for territory when we will have transnational unions where everything will flow freely? Even the self-righteous anger directed at anyone opposing this view is easily identified.

Before you can even talk of world reconstruction, or even of peace, you have got to eliminate Hitler, which means bringing into being a dynamic not necessarily the same as that of the Nazis, but probably quite as unacceptable to ‘enlightened’ and hedonistic people. What has kept England on its feet during the past year? In part, no doubt, some vague idea about a better future, but chiefly the atavistic emotion of patriotism, the ingrained feeling of the English-speaking peoples that they are superior to foreigners. For the last twenty years the main object of English left-wing intellectuals has been to break this feeling down, and if they had succeeded, we might be watching the S.S. men patrolling the London streets at this moment. Similarly, why are the Russians fighting like tigers against the German invasion? In part, perhaps, for some half-remembered ideal of Utopian Socialism, but chiefly in defence of Holy Russia (the ‘sacred soil of the Fatherland’, etc. etc.), which Stalin has revived in an only slightly altered from. The energy that actually shapes the world springs from emotions — racial pride, leader-worship, religious belief, love of war — which liberal intellectuals mechanically write off as anachronisms, and which they have usually destroyed so completely in themselves as to have lost all power of action.

For decades patriotic feelings were being systematically supressed by liberal globalist intellectuals and in many countries, Serbia being among them, the consequences are devastating. Young people without a sense of purpose and direction, breakdown of family and morality, cultural decline, lawlessness cities and lands being taken over by foreigners.

In this part Orwell also refutes in advance the historical revisionism on World War Two being a fight for "universal values" and a "united Europe". Nonsense. Anti-nazi coalition was formed by countries and peoples who were fighting for the preservation of their nationhood from a monstrous ideology that sought to subjugate and destroy them.

Orwell continues:

...unfortunately the equation of science with common sense does not really hold good. The aeroplane, which was looked forward to as a civilising influence but in practice has hardly been used except for dropping bombs, is the symbol of that fact. Modern Germany is far more scientific than England, and far more barbarous. Much of what Wells has imagined and worked for is physically there in Nazi Germany. The order, the planning, the State encouragement of science, the steel, the concrete, the aeroplanes, are all there, but all in the service of ideas appropriate to the Stone Age. Science is fighting on the side of superstition.

Science without morality leads to dehumanization and evil. Huxley covered it well in the "Brave new world" and history has seen it in practice with the "works" of Dr. Mengele. But that sure does not stop the liberal globalists of yelling "Science, progress, reason..."

There is so much more in this essay, be sure to read it all. You won't regret it.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Yet more delusion combined with sycophancy

You'd think that events on the ground have discredited the "Iraq light unto the muslim nations"(copyright Hugh Fitzgerald) project beyond all repair. But there are still those yet to descend from La-La Land back to planet Earth. One of them is a certain Bill Sammon. Sayinf that his interview for Frontpage Magazine about his new book "The Evangelical President: George Bush's Struggle to Spread a Moral Democracy Throughout the World"(a title worthy of anything that the North Korean media might say about Kim Jong Il) paints a rosy picture about Dubya's policies would be an understatement. The delusions are too many to list here, I'd just comment on two:

(1) Not many presidents can say they liberated 50 million people. Think about that. Bush freed 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan from two of the most brutal and repressive dictatorships on the face of the planet.

And what were those "brutal and repressive dictatorships" replaced with? What did the people of those countries vote for? Sharia law and islamic theocracy, an antithesis to freedom if there ever was one. And what about the PA? Aren't the Palestinians, technically speaking, free people because Hamas was elected in free elections, held thanks to relentless pressure from Washngton? How does this fit in the equasion?

(2) Bush established balance on the U.S. Supreme Court, which used to have four liberals, three conservatives and two swing votes. Now the court has four liberals, four conservatives and one swing vote. The president's success in installing John Roberts and Samuel Alito will have ramifications long after Bush leaves office.

Harriet Miers? Does the name ring a bell? If not, she was Bush's first choice for Supreme Court, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. She was stopped only due to a general revolt among conservatives. Yes the SCOTUS is balanced now, in no way thanks to Bush.

Amazing to what lengths people are willing to go in order to defend their agenda even when it it shown to be utterly unrealistic and based on fantasy.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend personal posts

As of this weekend I'll start writing some personal posts so that all of my readers can find out something about me as a person. Life isn't just politics, you know.

Anyway, this year I finally got married and moved away from my parents and it will be the first time I celebrate my slava. Serbian readers know full well what I am talking about, but for others slava is an exclusively Serbian custom. Each family has it's patron saint that it celebrates. Mine is St.Nicholas and it falls on December 19th(December 6th according to the Julian calendar still used by the Serbian Orthodox Church). On that day the priest usually comes into the home and blesses it as well as the whole family. Slava is also an occasion to gather family and friends around a variety of dishes and drinks. My wife has decided to start the preparations early so she already began looking for appropriate recipes as well as food at a bargain price. I suppose it's because this is the first time and she wishes for everythig to be perfect.

Yesterday I watched football from 4 PM until midnight. You must be thinking that I am insane now! Bolton did not impress me in spite of beating Man United. There is no reason why Red Star shouldn't be able to beat them. Serbia ended it's qualification with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Kazakhstan. Enough said. Then it was Inter against Atalanta in Serie A. Inter's superiority is embarassing, they were practically without their midfield and Ibrahimovic remained oon the bench yet they won without breaking sweat. And as final I saw Real Madrid draw away against Murcia. "Merengues" were rather lackluster and could be satisfied with a point.

In spite of all this football I still managed to catch last 30-40 minutes of the "Shawshank redemption" with Tim Robins and Morgan Freeman. I saw in in a theatre some 12 years ago and let me tell you it's much better on the big screen. Talking of which, it's been ages since I've been in the cinema, but then again there is not much to see. December usually brings something so I'll pay attention.

Sunday was workout day and then football on TV in the afternoon again. But no worries, my life isn't that monotonous and I'll show it next weekend hopefully.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Melanie Philips, delusional as they come

The title may take aback some readers, but tell me, what would you call her after reading this blog entry of hers where she describes a debate between a self-described "moderate muslim" Ed Husain and a fully-fledged apostate Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Philips still firmly hangs on the the Great White Hope of "moderate peaceful islam" in spite of all evidence saying that such a thing simply does not exist. Her only argument is the existence of men like Ed Husain who still claim to be muslim and claim that by having found a "new interpretation" and discovering the "pluralistic tradition of islam" they managed to renounce jihad. Melanie Philips blindly signs on to these claims never actually bothering to ask Husain or herself what are these "pluralist traditions", when did they exist and what islamic texts do they derive from. On the contrary, she attacks Hirsi Ali for allegedly not refuting a rather fantastic claim for which no evidence was given.

If Philips wanted to do a serious analysis of the debate instead of wishful thinking, she could have done worse then taking a look at Robert Spencer's opinion on "moderate islam": I have noted many times: there are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. Every school of jurisprudence and sect that Muslims consider orthodox teaches that it is part of the responsibility of Muslims to subjugate non-Muslims under the rule of Islamic law.

In other words, Philips' and Husain's "pluralist traditions of islam" do not exist or consist mainly of tactical differences of how to wage jihad. Husain's "interpretations" go no further then himself.

Islam, or any other set of beliefs for that matter, can not be what some of it's adherents want it to be or would like it to be. It has it's scriptures and ideological tennets layed down in print and the ideological authorities that give it's meaning. Husain's and Philips' intentions may be honourable, but ultimately they are deluding people with this theory and putting them in great peril.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Qualifications have ended so now I can enjoy league football every weekend without interuption until the Holidays(no I'm not adopting political correctness, it's just that us Serbs celebrate Cristmas on January 7th), thank God. As for Serbia's performances, the less said the better. Here's waiting for South Africa.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Unfair to the "islamic rage boy"? No!

Remeber him? He has become the symbol of violent islamic demonstrations for whichever reason they care to come up with. A reporter of "Daily mail" went to Kashmir to meet him and to tell his story. The details of the article prompted some sympathy at the Gates of Vienna. Having a rather good memory, I was certain I had read something about the Rage Boy previously where he praises ayatollah Homeini. So I did a bit of googling to find if such an article exists and, lo and behold, there it was.

I'm sure that I'll be forgiven for not being sympathetic to the Rage Boy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Numbers that prove me right

In my essay about how Europe renounced it's Christian roots I attributed the main cause of that phenomenon to the WWI. I wrote that after that war people for the first time started abandoning their religion en masse. Admittedly, I did not base my assertion on any concrete evidence but merely on circumstantial data. Bruce Walker at the American Thinker provided numbers that fully support my thesis(hat tip: The Barnyard):

...In his book, The Dictators, Richard Overy states that in the decades preceding the First World War Germany was becoming increasingly secular, and that after that war, from 1918 to 1931, 2.4 million Evangelical Christians formally renounced their faith as well as almost half a million Catholics. In Prussia, only 21% of the population took communion and in Hamburg only five percent of the population took communion. Before Hitler, German religious leaders were publicly condemning the rise of moral relativism and decline of traditional religious values.

Weimar Germany largely had abandoned Christianity and increasingly was embracing hedonism, Marxism and paganism. There, decline of Christianity in Germany led directly to the rise of Nazism. Professor Henri Lichtenberger in his 1937 book, The Third Reich, describes the religious life of the Weimar Republic as a place in which the large cities were "spiritual cemeteries" with almost no believers at all, except for those who were members of the clergy. The middle class went through the motions, but lacked all living faith. The workers, influenced by socialism, were suspicious of the church. Even in the countryside, preachers had little influence on the people. In the 1938 book, The War Against God, by Sidney Dark and R.S. Essex, describes pre-Nazi antipathy toward Christianity by noting that churches had lost all their vitality and that their services were lifeless. Mower, in his 1938 book, Germany Puts the Clock Back, wrote that by 1920, God and Christianity had been in steady decline, a process that had begun in 1860. Mower talks about a culture not so much casual as vicious about sexuality. He writes of art sickened into atonal music, about the absence of any sense of sin, about entire graduating classes in high school turning up for birth control devices, and about the commonplace occurrence of abortion.

Sound familiar? By all means, read the whole article!

Good shot, but wrong target

Ann Coulter explains(in her own way, of course) in a recent column why people should be careful about what they wish for when they express desire to have democracy in Pakistan. She makes some good points but her entire venom is directes at the liberals. What about Bush, Anne? Does not his administration also pursue the goal of the Pakistani democracy? Why does he get a pass on that especially since he is in a position to do real damage unlike the liberal journalists and professors mentioned in Coulter's article?

Furthermore, how does the praise of the "Iraq democracy" in this piece fit in the equasion? Last time I checked the people there overwhelmingly voted for islamist parties, just like they would in Pakistan. Why was there no insistence on finding an "Iraqi Ataturk" that will drag them into modernity? Because Iraq doesn't have nukes? But didn't they say Saddam had WMDs and...Oh, never mind!

Pity that blind partisanship destroyed what had a potential to be a thought-provoking column.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Kosovo "elections"

Reuters reports that the turnout on the "elections" in Kosovo and Metohija was "a record low". As predicted, Serbs boycotted the elections en masse but the low polling numbers of Albanians were an obvious surprise. Reuters immediately offered an explanation:

“This is not about independence. Turnout was low because people are depressed. This is about the economic situation — no water, no electricity, no jobs,” said analyst Berat Buzhala of the Albanian-language daily Express.

Is it?

Since the arrival of the UN administration on Kosovo and Metohija no census has been made. In fact, the only census officially recognized dates from 1981. The numbers of Albanians are based on extrapolations and have been grossly inflated for political purposes. Add to that the fact that it is not known how many Kosov and Metohija Albanians are native and how many come from Albania and there are the real reasons for this "surprise".

The question that poses itself now is whether Serbia will know how to use this in it's favour. Will we demand a full census on Kosovo and Metohija? Are we going to finally challenge the propaganda myth of "2 milion Albanians"?

Johnson all over the place

It seems that the campaign Charles Johnson has started against some European nationalist parties has got him quite confused. So confused that he, in fact, does not know where he stands anymore. On november 8th Johnson replies to one of the comments which expressed fear that he will be booted of the anti-jihad wagon:

They can't boot me off something I never jumped on.

A couple of days later he gives some of his ideas on how to deal with global jihad:

What I DO support to deal with the jihad: much stronger legal barriers to the spread of hardline ideology, including monitoring mosques and Islamic schools, strictly limiting immigration from Islamic countries, and maybe most important, finding some way -- any way -- to eliminate the poisonous Saudi influence from our society and our politics.

Wait a minute, didn't you just say you do not nor have you ever belonged to tha anti-jihad movement?

Also, a blogger by the name of Conservative Swede, has another interesting angle on this affair. Apparently, Johnson has been informed three months in advance about the anti-jihad conference in Brussels as well as about the fact that Vlaams Belang and Sverigedemokraterna will be participating in it. The obvious question rises: why didn't he voice his alleged concerns prior to the conference? Charles' answer is that he was flooded with e-mails and couldn't read all of them. Given the list of the participants in the conference which included the likes of Robert Spencer, Bat Ye'Or and Andrew Bostom the explanation can hardly hold water. A prominent anti-jihadist blogger to miss out on the conference featuring who-is-who of the anti-jihad movement? Then again, he does say now that he's never been an anti-jihadist in the first place.

As I noted earlier these are hardly the first incoherences he made throughout these events and I'm sure he'll make more(when he is not busy banning dissenters from his site).

Friday, November 16, 2007

A virgin only once? Not any more!

At least not in the UK, where the National Health Service has decided to finance hymen transplant operations. So in the future when asked what was it like the first time some women will reply:"Which one?"

Joking aside, this is just the level of absurdity modern societies have reached in the quest for a multicultural world and a world without absolute values. It's going to take a lot to reverse this, something of tectonic proportions.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another side of the LGF/VB controversy

Robert Spencer has published his take on the situation aroused by Charles Johnson and LGF and their attack on some participants of the Counterjihad conference in Brussels. He made his intentions clear, and made some good points but some things left me baffled.

I'll start with the latter. Spencer expresses doubts whether Vlaams Belang and Sverigedemokraterna have indeed renounced nazism and racism and cites some examples and then gives a rather vague reply by Fjordman, which is a part of a bigger essay but which was just a general remoark. Spencer completely ignores specific answers to charges against VB put out by the same Fjordman, Paul Belien of Brussels journal and other bloggers. Why? I suppose this is because of his perpetual war of words with CAIR and other islamist groups who toss the "nazi" canard like it is nobody's business and Spencer does not want to give them ammunition. His pre-emptive dissasociation with potential nazis, however, has lead many to a comclusion that he lends credence to the charges of Charles Johnson. VB and SD(an unfortunate acronym, but what can I do) are, even according to Robert Spencer, the most pro-Israel parties in their countries and SD is on record of having expelled all it's members with pro-nazi leanings. What more does Spencer want? The leaderships of VB and SD can in no way control every single one of their members nor can they come up with 100% fool-proof way of screening new members. As I noted in one of my previous entries, many genuine racists join the parties demonized as "racist" by the establishment because they believe such propaganda. Besides, my opinion is that there will be no pleasing the likes of Charles Johnson. They will not let go of the "racist" and "neo-nazi" canard until those smeared with it accept completely and unconditionally their variant of political correctness.

That said, Spencer does make some important points. In major countries in Europe there is no coherent political organization dedicated to fighting global jihad, and those that exist are suspect at best. Take the BNP, for example. I must admit I'm sitting on the fence when it comes to them. Their leader, Nick Griffin is on record of having given statements that could constitute Holocaust denial but has said since that his views on this have changed. Now, I accept that people can indeed change their opinion on a matter when confronted with facts or even their political philosophy, but is the change of heart sincere or is it pure opportunism? In France practically the only anti-jihad party was the Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen. He has been made into a bogey man ever since the 1990-ties and some of the unsavoury comments he brought upon himself. But another big concern should be that in the previous elections FN has made inroads towards the muslim community and has accepted some tennets of multiculturalism. As for Germany...Oh, dear, just imagine if a politician would declare himself "a German nationalist"! A major political organization in at least one of these three countries dedicated to defending the indigenous people and by extension European civilization without having any pro-nazi baggage. Don't anyone tell me I've become politically correct, because Europe had such parties before the multiculturalist takover in the past 3 or 4 decades. It's the only way Europe can break with this trend which is spelling an inevitable end for the continent.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Latest from Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick in her latest piece deals with the instrumentalization of muslim minorities and immigrants in the modern nation-state. In it she touches the subject of Kosovo and Metohija. While it is a worthwhile text when it comes to giving out current, it is devoid of theoretical basis for such events and a bit ambiguous when it comes to the Kosovo and Metohija issue.

Glick never explains the attitude of islamic theology towards peoplehood and the nation-state. In short, islam does not recognize either nations or nation-states. It is a quintessentialy universalist religion. The only earthly political entity islam permits is the umma, it's own religious-political organization. A muslim's loyalty is to umma and umma alone. Nation states are a blasphemy since the sovereignty in such an entity is of the people whereas in islam sovereignty belongs to Allah, as per Qur'an 2:107.

Another qualm I have with the text is the part about Kosovo and Metohija. I can overlook the obligatory bash of Milošević but the tone of the paragraph I did not like. The whole issue seems to be not whether Kosovo Albanians had any right to claim other people's land but whether Serbia is "democratic", "democratic" in a way a contemporary western liberal or mainstream conservative would see it. What if Serbia, or any other country for that matter wasn't "democratic"? Does this mean islamic minorities can subvert it and that the US and the west should support such subversion with all means necessary? This elevation of "democracy" to a god-like solution to all ills in the world will far more likely be the undoing to the nation-state and civilization then any rebellious minority.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why now?

AP reports that Albanian paramilitary organizations are infiltrating the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija, mostly populated by the remaining Serbs. This is hardly news. They've been doing this for months.

So why now decide to report on it all of a sudden? The answer is rather simple. Remember the floscule how Albanians might get restless if they do not get what they want? This report is to further enforce this perception, to serve as a means of pressure on the public opinion both in Serbia and all other interested parties. This game is as vile as it is apparent.

Don't expect, however, anyone to ask the obvious question:"What gives them the right to threaten with violence if they do not get what they want?"

Blood, tears, deceit and hypocricy

Italian football claimed another victim. Lazio fan Gabriele Sandri was killed by a policeman, accidentaly they say. Fans, regardless of the club they support,did not buy this and reactions, many of them excessive, started coming like an avalanche. More then just their inappropriateness per se, they also obscured the real issue.

In the first hours after the incident, the Italian media gave bombastic headlines about a big fight between Lazio and Juventus fans that claimed a life. Throughout the afternoon rumours were spread alla over TV stations that laziali along with their interisti friends, were headed towards Parma to square it off with Juve fans who followed their club there. As time went by, the truth was inevitably creeping out. As it turned out, no more then 10 people participated in the so-called mega-fight, which was not really a fight at all but a mere trade of insults and pushing around in which poor Sandri hasn't even participated but rather slept in his car.

And now everyone is scandalised with fans' behaviour! Yeah right! What about the cop who shot at live targets in order to control a simple fight? And the media who gave unsubstantiated rumours and outright false reports? Anybody gonna mention them? Will any of them answer for their actions?

It was clear why they started out with the big fight story. It wasn't just to cover-up for the police. They wanted to use the incident to demonize and posibbly liquidate ultras groups which have been a thorn in the side of the authorities for years. I do not believe for a moment that the ultras are angels, far from it, but it is quite clear that in order to satisfy some economic and political interest the tendency is to "sterilize" the footballing public and make more "theater-like".

The reaction of Italian official organs, state and sporting, is a picture of malice, cynicism and hypocricy. Serie B and C were halted next weekend and away fans were banned. The minister of sport even wanted to halt the whole championship. A cop shoots, kills an innocent man, the media make false reports, all hell breaks loose as a result and the ones who are paying the price are the fans. E viva la logica!

Don't let the pictures from the riots in Bergamo and Rome fool you, the responsibility of this lies entirely on the shoulders of the Italian authorities and media and the public by inquiring about their actions throughout this sordid affair must not let them get away with this.

Friday, November 09, 2007

A much deeper problem - part two

European establishment right-wing parties have already undergone the transfromation the American conservative movement is still undergoing. "God, family, country" was long since substituted with "anything that is politically advantageous" at best or at worst the so-called right-wing leaders proved to be complete frauds. The immigration topic was made taboo in every sense, especially in context of preserving a country's national identity. After the demise of Enoch Powell nobody wanted to touch the subject with a ten-foot pole. Parties that had the courage of taking on the issue of immigration were routinely labeled as "nazi" and "racist".

In the past years the problem could no longer be avoided and the parties advocating immigration restrictions all of a sudden became respectable. Or rather, their positions did. Tell a lie enough times, however, and it becomes the truth. The citizens of European countries were held back from voting for "racists". There was another problem as well. Many genuine racists believed that anti-immigration parties were racist and decided to jump on their band-wagon. Therefore, it was much easier to vote for the establishment parties who professed to have adopted an anti-immigration position but who later would go on with the same old.

In such a spritual state of the "right" in Europe and the conservative movement in America, it is all to natural that any movement or organization seriously devoted towards the preservation of a nation in Europe, which in effect means the preservation of the ethnic make-up of the state founded by such a nation and by extension it's racial make-up. Since mainstream conservativism in America now largely lies on liberal premises of absolute non-discrimination, parties, organizations and governements that cherish etnicity immediately become heirs of the nazis. The universalist principle that inevitably comes along as liberal baggage does not permit someone to examine the specific history of a nation and a continent and when it does it is only to enforce the view of European people's being hateful. Therefore lunatic columns by Ralph Peters and a "conservative" blogger Charles Johnson expressing discomfort with people wanting to live alongside their own(and later backtracking once confronted with a direct question whether European countries have a right to preserve their historic ethnic make-up).

Yet the same "conservative" pundits and bloggers who deem European peoples as "expert haters" chide Europe and it's peoples for not standing up to Hitler sufficiently and for not joining the war in Iraq. While this seems completely contradictory and schizophrenic on surface, once the ideological tennets of mainstream American conservativism are analyzed as well as the way of thinking that has taken over. History is interpreted in the context of the ideological premises of "freedom", "democracy" and "non-discrimination" and so WWII became a "fight against tyranny" and the Iraq war "a battle for democracy". In the name of "democracy" and "freedom" everything is permitted even waging war. In fact, that is the only war permitted waging and one which is even prescribed. Those who do not join in on it, even if they do it for all the wrong reasons, are immediately given white feathers. On the other hand, even mild desires that do not conform with leftist liberal premises are declared nazi-like by self-appointed guardians of moral purity.

And now comes the scariest part. In case of a nationalist revolt in Europe against the ruling elites and global jihad they are aiding and abetting with their policies on immigration and and which the mainstream conservatives in America claim that they are fighting, whose side will these American conservatives be on? Will they see this as a reawakening of Europe and it's step back away from the precipice it is standing now? Or will they denounce it as a "revival of nazi tribalism" and even worse, advocate the sending of troops to put down the revolt and protest the "persecuted immigrants and muslims"? There is every indication that it would be the latter.

Until mainstream conservativism in Europe and America ditches the liberal premises it is built on no real progress will be made in protecting their countries from those wishing to subdue them.

Monday, November 05, 2007

A much deeper problem - part one

The sorry spectacle of Little Green Footballs had me thinking about a more serious issue I haven't covered previously. Wandering around the net I have seen quite a bit of disdain towards Europe and it's peoples by American mainstream right-wing commentators and some blogs, message boards and web sites deemed "conservative". It ranges from simple smug sense of superiority to nearly psychotic hatred(such as this article by Ralph Peters) What is the reason of such attitude and where are the roots of it? And what consequences will it have on the future?

While I am not old enough to testify to this, older people claim that this is a fairly recent phenomenon. 15 years ago such feelings were all but non-existant. How did it come to pass? The simple answer would be the natural arrogance of the only remaining super-power. Simple and simplicistic. Because there is much more to it then plain arrogance of someone who bore the brunt of a victorious battle. Anti-Europeanism manifests itself primarily not in the extensive glorification of American role but in the denigration of European identity history and culture.

There is quite a long prologue to his story. The American conservative movement has undergone significant changes in the past 20 years or so. Desperate to deem themselves likeable to the overwhelmingly liberal mainstream media they took a turn to the left. Some of the most fundamental principles of conservativism were gone such as national identity and culture along with border protection. People that had nothing to do with real conservativism had not only joined the movement but became it's most established figureheads. Mainstream conservativism in America was shaped into a new ideological mould, the liberal premise of absolute equality and multiculturalism has taken over. Debates over nation, ethnicity, traditional morals and religion became taboo. The belief in God as a Higher Power, a central pillar of conservativism in Europe and America since Thomas of Aquinas, was replaced with the worship of "democracy" and "equality" the way liberalism sees it and thus everything that came as a product of such "democracy" was beyond criticism. No thought was given about the culture that made the ideas of personal freedoms and equality before the law possible.

It is little wonder that establishment conservatives, by and large, in the wake of 9/11, bought the myth that it was done because the jihadists hate America's "freedoms" and "democracy" that "makes no discrimination among people"(literaly). And even less wonder that they immediately saw the spreading of the ideas of "democracy" as the solution to all the ills in the world. As an addition to the already significant watering-down of conservativism came the "liberals mugged by 9/11". Although largely still adhering to liberal premises of absolute non-discrimination and equality they bought the right to conservative prominence by giving blanket support to the "war on terror" and "spreading of democracy".

Europe had a different history then America and a different social order arose as a product of it's historical and cultural development. Over centuries different nations and countries developed, based largely on etnicity and cultural similarity. While someone may obtain a passport of a certain European country, that same person could not etnically belong to the nation that created that country. The establishment conservatives in America immediately siezed this as a fact that proves American superiority. "Anyone can become American" they boasted.

But what does it mean to be American? Or more importantly, what do the mainstream conservatives of today mean by "being American"? Are they talking about a piece of paper or adherence to certain culture, spiritual and moral principles?(*) As it has been shown a number of times mainstream conservativism in America(and in Europe, to an even larger extent, more on that in part 2) has purged itself from any rational debate on culture and has swallowed multiculturalist premise of absolute equality of all cultures and religions hook, line and sinker. God forbid that someone suggests that being American means respecting some spiritual Higher Good and that there are people not able to do something like that. That is racist, you see!

Knowing that more is needed then a passport to make somebody American, they immediately pulled the "freedom" card out of their sleeves and declared that it is "freedoms of the American system" and the celebration of it that is the quintessential defining tract of an American. The best explanation of the absurdity of such a position was given by David Yerushalmi, in his op-ed piece on the polemic between John Derbyshire and Robert Spencer about Spencer's new book. Yerushalmi, taking firmly Spencer's side, writes:

In truth and in short, Derbyshire and the secularists (not R. Spencer and the Christians) are in the dock to answer the question: if America is worth discriminating over, why? Without divine providence, what makes us a People and therefore worth discriminating against the OTHERS who demand the “human right” to work here at will or the “civil right” of free speech to preach and map out the destruction of our constitution? If the sole GOOD that is America is freedom and democracy, and not a transcendent value that makes our People unique and worth defending, then how do we deny freedom and democracy to the OTHERS who of course would come here to ruin what it is we are as a nation and People?

His answer necessarily boils down to either a nonsensical contradiction or a secular tyranny no different from tyranny simply. His answer will go something like this: we “worship” freedom and democracy but not to the point that we allow others to destroy our freedom and democracy. This is really the relativist moral argument articulated in a political context: “a freely consenting adult can do what ever he wants as long as it doesn’t impinge on the like freedom of another free adult”. The problem with this argument, aside from the many well known practical ones, is that it is based on the rejection of truth and its replacement with Process. Since there is no qualitative truth, there can only be a fair or just process (i.e., free choice, voting). Now, don’t misunderstand. Freedom and choice are wonderful things, but if the Process is the Highest Good, then there can be no defense to the use of the process to destroy the process. And that of course is what we see before us today in the embrace of tolerance and multi-culturalism to the point of suicide.

What I just described is the nonsensical contradiction in Derbyshire’s position. Now, since Derbyshire will claim not to be a relativist, I imagine, he will simply stop short of the contradiction and pronounce that he has the right to “preserve” his way of life against such assaults. But on what basis does a nation preserve itself against such assaults? Just because the majority are not Muslims today? What if the Muslims are content with simply coming here and quite peacefully converting Americans, generation by generation without any violence in order to overturn our constitutional republic by a two-thirds majority? On what basis then will he resist? If his Highest Good is a Process, he loses. Understanding this, he must rely on his simple “secularist” argument that today we are the majority and must vote to preserve that majority. But that again is placing the process of democracy in the position of the Highest Good. The quality and nature of the American People as a Christian nation is of no value for him. He has only to rely on quantity; on numbers.

By deeming everyone paying lip service to the "democratic process" worthy of American citizenship, regardless of whether they cherish the historical roots of a nation, mainstream US conservatives sow the seeds of it's destruction. While most realize this subconsciously, they are unable to shake off the fundamental beliefs of leftist liberalism, in order to reverse the trend. As a rationalization for this inability, they proclaim such views racist and nazi-like and as a consequence all those that seek the protection of ethnic makeup and traditional nationhood are labeled as such.

(to be continued)

(*) This question is a paraphrase of a line from "Hitler - The Rise of Evil". In it, Robert Carlyle playing the main protagonist during the Munich coup trial responds to a question by the judge "Are you German?" with "Are you talking about a piece of paper or the blood in my veins?". I have repeatedly proven with my previous posts that in no way do I endorse the views and ideology of Hitler and the NSDAP. But, taken completely out of context, the line does show that there is more to nationality then a passport.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Off the deep end

This is where LGF and Charles Johnson have gone, in my opinion. Certainly, after reading the latest accusation thread against the Vlaams Belang I could not reach a different conclusion. LGF now claims that VB is associated with the white supremacist movements in the USA. His evidence? VB leaders appeared on the same radio show as David Duke! I kid you not! Considering that David Duke recently appeared on major US television networks(regarding the disgraceful Holocaust denial conference in Teheran) that's one long and distinguished list of associates Duke has, if we follow Johnson's logic. Futhermore, they expanded their attacks on the Brussels journal and Paul Belien. Their sin? Stepping up for the rights of a political party that denounces homosexuality.

Fjordman, in his latest essay at the "Gates of Vienna", aptly shows not only the inconsistency of the LGF position but also the madness of it, plainn and simple. He also revealed how Johnson blatantly contradicts himself. Fjordman writes:

There is no other continent where the indigenous peoples are being systematically stripped of their heritage, displaced in their own cities and are subject to violence and abuse with the active participation of their own authorities, yet where this is celebrated as a victory for tolerance and where the natives are banned from even verbally opposing any of this. Yes, I think this reveals an anti-European bias.

I asked Charles Johnson about this: “OK Charles, since you make this to be about racism, I’d like to hear your definition of racism. The indigenous population of all European countries is white. If European countries would like to maintain the indigenous population as the majority, this by extension means a white majority. Do you think the people in, say, Norway, have the right to desire an immigration policy which ensures a traditional demographic majority, or is this racism? If so, how come non-European countries are allowed to desire the same thing without being attacked? Since you’re so preoccupied with racism, will you also launch an equally passionate campaign against the Whiteness Studies now taught in increasing numbers of American educational institutions, sometimes with the support of public money?” He first claimed that the question was “meaningless,” but after I pushed him, he reluctantly replied that yes, Europeans have the right to resist being turned into a minority in their own countries. Good. He didn’t answer me regarding the issue of Whiteness Studies, though. I kept pushing him, and he finally replied: “Since you’ve repeated this several times, I’ll answer it. The fact that I do or do not post about one thing has absolutely nothing to do with what I post about something else. That is a complete red herring, and you know it.”

However, as I have shown in a previous blog entry, when asked more or less the same by another poster, Johnson gave the opposite reply. So which is it?

There is another, much more disturbing thought by Fjordman in the same essay:

Many Americans say they are tired and will never become involved in Europe again. Fine, I can understand why. But another question is, if native Europeans actually start fighting back against Islamization for real, whose side will Americans be on? Will they be on ours, or will they back the poor, Muslims victims of European racism and xenophobia, just like they did in Yugoslavia?

Judging from the aggressive hostility towards anything European they are indoctrinated with, I fear the latter.

Well, if Fjordman by "Americans" means liberal leftists and a good portion of establishment conservatives, I'm afraid he's right.

Saudi king in London

Wanna bet that someone will lose his job over this?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My take on the anti-jihadist blogger wars

Recently a lot of controversy appeared over the recent anti-jihad conference held in Brussels, namely about some of it's participants. Charles Johnson, owner of the Little Green Footballs website attacked people from the Flemish(not Belgian)Vlaams Belang party and the Swedish Sverigedemokraterna as neo-nazis. Paul Belien of Brussels journal replied to these charges.

I'll say it straight up: I'm on the side of Belien and those who defend the accused participants.

The obvious reasons are the flimsiness of Charles' arguments, mostly based on guilt by association, and the effectiveness of Belien's(and not only his) response which with facts explained why the charges layed out against VB and SD are unjust.

Charles' response to this was quite instructive and has had me considerably taken aback. In it he has shown some of his thoughts, idelogical leanings and behaviour that I frankly find incomprehensible that someone who claims to be a defender of the west can hold. First he took the criticism personally and then he began to ban posters on his site that disagreed with his assesment. Then he took issue with some things other posters proposed as solutions to the jihadist problem, namely deportation of muslim immigrants back to the land of origin and banned them as well.

From there he went from bad to worse. Because the renowned Norwegian blogger Fjordman and and members of the Gates of Vienna staff disagreed with him he removed them from their blogroll. I guess they too became neo-nazis all of a sudden. Then in order to prove his point about the Swedish SD he began using articles from notoriously leftist sources that featured articles and photos over a decade old about SD members expressing nazi sympathies. When it was pointed out that the SD has since purged itself of such elements(which were never dominant in the first place), Charles replied that nobody could get away from their roots. Then confronted with the Walid Shoebat story(and may I add David Horowitz because he is Johnson's role model in many ways) he replied that "Shoebat is different". Why? Because he, Charles Johnson, says so. With every step of the way LGF is digging itself a deeper hole.

One comment is quite telling of the ideological leanings of Charles Johnson. On one of the threads a poster by the name of Truumax asks him:

Charles, quick question. Are you cool with dymphna's comments about "those who prefer to live among their own kind" and "protecting the ethnic swede"? I don't know about you, but to me they're kinda borderline.

and Charles replies:

Quick answer: no, I'm not.

Two questions immediately spring up by themselves. What is wrong with wanting to live among people of your own nationality? And if Charles has a problem with that, what is the difference between him and the multicultural left?

It's Halloween...

...and the first lady of America has chosen a rather unusual costume.

(with due thanks to Julia Gorin and Debbie Schlussel)


You can learn wondeful things on the net, including words of previously uknown languages. One of the things I picked up is the Hebrew word "chutzpah" which roughly translated means "gall" or "nerve", in a sense of someone murdering his parents and then pleading for clemency on grounds that he(or she, I don't fancy being attacked by feminist stromtroopers) is left orphaned.

Well, chutzpah is just the word to describe the demarche the western embassies in Belgrade handed to the foreign ministry of Serbia. Nofurther explanation needed, really.

My comment is that they can take their demarche and shove it where the sun never shines.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What one believes and what is one allowed to express

As I announced a couple of days before, I am about to deal a bit more with the topic of religion, spurred on by the controversy surrounding Ann Coulter's recent remarks.

As I said previously, religion would be a touchy subject even without the unhealthy climate of political correctness created over the years. It deals not only with person's beliefs but largely with one's way of life. But some facts remain no matter what. Such as the one that says that if you believe in a certain religion you automatically believe that all other religions are wrong. It's an axiom dictated by elementary logic and common sense.

One of the basic tennents of Christianity is that salvation is achieved through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Saviour. The bond with the Old Testament(I'll be using Christian terms in this blog entry), however, was never broken and Jesus himself says in Matthew 5:17 "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them". The Old Testament was always an integral part of the Christian Bible and the New Testament is not an abrogation of it but it's completion. This is what Ann Coulter was saying.

But even that didn't shock the post-modern leftists as much as Coulter's remark that "it would be better if everyone was a Christian". All of a sudden she has become the reincarnation of Torquemada, hell-bent(pun unintentional) on forcibly converting everyone. That's a complete non-sequitur. A person hoping that everyone would accept his religion is no more a proselyte then someone hoping to get rich is a potential bank-robber. There is also another way of looking at it. If Ann Coulter, like any serious Christian, believes that salvation is through Christ, wouldn't true hatred and bigotry be not hoping that other people accept what you see is a path to heaven?

The key of peaceful coexistence of religions is simple: freedom to express one's beliefs and no earthly punishment for not accepting other's. There is no need to dillute the meaning of a religion(well, most of them anyway) in order to preserve social harmony. And nobody should take offence at the fact that somebody believes your religion is wrong because that in effect means you take offence at every belief system other then your own. And that is indeed bigotry.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Further proof(as if we needed any) of how low the UK has fallen

The standards of handing out knighthoods have fallen considerably over the years but I never imagined that they would give it to her! "Services to journalism"? Which ones exactly?

Touchy, are we?

Being in public life means one has to withstand all kinds of questions from the reporters. There is of course a reasonable limit for everything, but for French president Nicolas Sarkozy the bar seems to be set a bit too low. Some 20 minutes into the interview he stormed off because one of the questions treated his relationship with his now ex-wife.

Somebody ought to tell him that there is more to being president then flashy palaces and driving around in luxury limousines.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Are we all square now?

Now that both Rangers and Bayern got their revenge could we please be spared mor heartbreakers? Please?

And if it's not too much to ask, could somebody beat up our goalkeeper and those responsible for the state of our pitch?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Everything passes

Two weeks or so ago my cousin, wheelchair bound due to multiple sclerosis for quite some time, was singing, havng fun and looking great at my wedding. And all that in spite of, in addition to her basic illness, she was also diagnosed with cancer last spring.

Still, she responded well to her first chemotherapy session. So well that, after having recovered from it, she looked better then ever. We were looking forward to her further treatment with hope...

As of yesterday, however, she is gone. The bad reaction to the new treatment session was fatal. My reaction now is more of disbelief than sadness. The silver lining in this very dark cloud is that her final hours were much less tormenting then most of her life. Still, she never gave up hope and she spread her optimism on all of us. She will sorely be missed.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching up

That's the hardest thing to do after being away from the computer for some time. But I'll try...

The so-called Kosovo and Metohija negotiations "proceed" as before. It is a conversation of the deaf, mainly thanks to US promises that they are increasingly unable to keep. Further on Kosovo and Metohija Robert Spencer announces a conference in Washington on the subject on Jihadwatch. If you have the chance be sure to attend.

First Paris, now Amsterdam. Good thing me and my wife decided against going there on our honeymoon.

Ann Coulter caused quite a controversy last week. Liberals and leftists were screaming "A-ha!Gotcha!" and began throwing charges of "bigotry" in all directions. Religion is a touchy subject and I might cover this incident in the next days but I'd like to give a short comment that in a sane and sensible world would be self-evident. When you believe in one religion you ipso facto believe that all other religions are wrong. A Jew serious about his Judaism has to believe that Christianity (and all other religions, for that matter) is wrong and a Christian serious about his Christianity has to believe that Judaism(and, yes, all other religions) are wrong. The trick of "tolerance" is not in dilluting the meaning of religions but in not attempting to force your belief on others using any and all means.

On the sports front, my club Red Star is in a turmoil. The chairman Stojković has resigned under shady cricumstances and quite suddenly. Nobody has an idea on who will succeed him. Ironically, this happened just as the season was taking a turn for the better. And Bayern is coming in a couple days...As for the national team, it's all to little to late, as usual. When it mattered they were duds.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just blogging some sports news

Our Argentinian centerforward Barcos hit the net twice on Sunday and finally broke the duck. But we had to wait until the final two minutes to grab points against a modest Banat side, even though we are finally starting to play well.

The draw for the UEFA cup groups was all right when it comes to teams but the schedule is a bit worrying. I would have preferred Bayern away. Still, the game against the Bavarian giants brings back some fond memories. More on that later.

Elsewhere, the world witnessed last wednesday the sorry spectacle that was Dida. He is not just an actor, not even a bad actor, he is a stupid actor! It took him half a minute to realize:"Hey I may have screwed up on the goals but I can get something out of this if I simulate". And the club was in it at first as well, otherwise they would not have arranged a substitution for a player they knew was not seriously injured. Only after seeing how truly grotesque the scene was on video did they think better of it. Worse then the defeat on the pitch, Milan damaged their image in front of the world and is now a laughing stock. What difference a couple of months make.

Friday, October 05, 2007

A small break

Yours truly is getting married and going on a honeymoon shortly. As a consequence there will be much less blogging then usual in the next two weeks. But rest assured that all will come back to normal by the end of this month. See ya.

What is going on with Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Hirsi Ali is going back to Holland. The official reason is because the Dutch governement does not want to pay for her bodyguards anymore.

I say "the official reason" because, while the story about the body guards is true in itself, I can not help thinking that there is more to it then meets the eye. For a couple of years now Hirsi Ali was the darling of the US conservative establishment because of it's anti-jihad stance even though her thoughts on other topics supposedly dear to them such as religion in general were rather perplexing. And what was the reaction of these conservatives to her departure? Nothing. Nada. For a couple of days not a word on conservative publications or blogs(save a couple of exceptions)about Hirsi Ali having to go back to Holland and put her life in danger since jihadist death threats are the main reason why she left Holland for the US in the first place. She was not simply attacked or ostracized, she became nobody, airbrushed like a purged Poliburo member from the times of Stalin.

Only yesterday did Robert Spencer, a long time supporter of Ali, react oh JihadWatch, citing preoccupation with other matters as a reason for the delay. But the tardiness could prove costly for Hirsi Ali because had the reaction been immediate it could have put pressure on either the US or Dutch governement to keep protecting her.

In any case, the story is quite peculiar. Not because of the actions of the US and Dutch governements which, sadly, could have been expected, but because of the reactions, or the lack thereof(at least for the time being) of those who have been voices of reason in the past years when it comes to global jihad.

Not bad, but there is room for improvement

Red Star beats Groclin in the return leg as well. The score was 1-0 again but it could have been better. We controlled the game for the whole 90 minutes, the Poles were never likely to make a comeback. And we created a couple of good chances as well. Defense was great and the Colombian Molina is the offensive midfielder we've been lacking in the previous games.

Elsewhere, the shocks of the round were the elimination of ajax at the hand of Dinamo Zagreb and the fact that only one out of four Italian teams made it to the group stages. Another indicator of the decline of Serie A.

The draw is on tuesday and on that will depend the Red Star's direction in this season.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

European renounciation of it's Christian tradition, causes and effects - conclusion

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Is there any hope that Europe and her peoples will survive this situation? Of course there is but first certain conditions must be met.

First, the ruling worldview must change radically. The suicidal ideology of leftist liberalism must be removed frok the postitions of public influence. That includes not only removing politicians from power as well as those who pull the strings behind the scenes, but also the removal of all advocates of post-modern ideologies form the media and educational and scientific institutions along with limiting their influence on art by exposing their works as means for indoctrination. Considering that adherents of post-modern ideologies are deeply rooted in these extremely important segmenta of society nothing short of a revolution would require to realize the needed changes. With this in mind one has to ask two questions: has the critical mass for the social change been achieved and will this change be peaceful or violent?

As for the fist question the answer for the time being is "no". But we are steadily nearing the opportune moment. The social and economic relations in Europe, especially in the European Union, which defy reason and human nature at least superficially give a sense that something is not right. The ruling class is at this moment buying time by taking up the slogans of parties which were until fairly recently branded "extreme right" or "extreme left" but aside from some cosmetic measures they will continue with the variations of the same old because they know no different. This generation of mainstream party politicians is completely educated in the spirit of post-modern, post-national and post-christian "isms" and is not capable of thinking outside that matrix. Only the instict of keeping powere compells them of saying they will do something. If you add that the economies of European countries are not yet exhausted and that years of demonization of "extremists" did produce results and at least subconsciosly prevents people from voting for them on elections, it is clear that there can be no talk of a general turnaround. Failue after failure of the manstream parties to establish some reasonable order will, however, lead to a situation where people will shake off their fear of being called "racist" or "extremist" by the "creators of public opinion" and "analysts" and that will lead to a tectonic shift on the pollitical scene. Which brings me to the answer to the second question...

Whether these political changes happen peacefully or violently depends solely on those presently holding power in Europe. Will they accept the fact that the poeples of their countries do not want them any more, that their ideology is a dangerous utopia and that their social experiment is doomed? Or will they take Berthold Brecht's advice and elect themselves a better people, by mobilizing their supporters and allying themselves with the unassimilated immigrants and their sponsors outside of Europe against the "resurgent nazism"? I am not a prophet but based on what I know about the mentality of current rulers of Europe I fear they would, unfortunately, pick the latter.

Te second condition is that after the coup is done, europe does not get involved in any social experiments but go back to what made her great: it's Cristian civilisation. With the return of Christian moral values and national culturesthe issues such as immigration and economic structure will be dealt wiht in a far better manner then today. By throwing off the yoke of political correctness European creativity and sense for science will re-awake and legal and moral norms could not be so easily broken just because soemone posesses force. Only this kind of transformation will lead to the recovery of the European peoples. Otherwise, the demise will not only be inevitable but will also arrive much quicker and be even more painful.

(The end)