Tuesday, December 05, 2006

When black and white blend together

No this is not an entry about race relations. It is just a reference to the way western press and comentators were presenting te death of Alexander Litvinenko. Well it seems that their theory about Putin, the new favourite bogey-man, ordering the assasination has taken several serious blows.

Litvinenko's liaisons to several Russian "oligarchs", arch-ennemies of Putin, and his participation in their shady business deals has been exposed right after his death as well as him possibly coming into contact with Polonium 210, the substance that allegedly killed him, entirely on his own making.

Now the story takes a new twist. Apparently, due to his links with Chechen separatists(largely dismissed by so-called "experts" on Russia), Litvinenko has converted to islam and will be buried according to islamic rites. Predictably, the level of sympathy for Litvinenko in the part of the blogosphere has considerably diminished. But I'll deal with that in another entry...

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