Tuesday, December 26, 2006

James Brown, RIP

"The Godfather of soul" is no longer with us. James Brown died on Christmas day 2006 in Atlanta at the age of 73.

The nickname he got was not coincidential. Brown is one of the few musician that defined a whole music genre and brought in a whole new appearance. Dancing on the scene is exclusively his invention and anything of the sort you see today derives from him. And performers, not just of soul music, even though they eventually made their name for themselves, often took him as both an inspiration and a standard to live up to. Some malicious tongues might say that what couldn't match in his music talent they made up with alcoholism and drug abuse but that is a long story with many sides and in any case inappropriate at this moment.

James Brown has danced off to the legend, but as long as we'll be hearing his "I FEEEEEEEEL GOOD..." from the speakers, he will never die.

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