Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some things never change

Western media and those who try to impersonate them in former communist countries have long since adopted the code of political correctness. anybody who does not adhere to the mantras of this pseudo-ideology is automatically a persona non grata. This goes especially for people trying to warn their countries of birth from the dangers that face them.

Recently I have found out that this phenomenon is not entirely of present date. While it was nowhere as nearly as spread as today, simmilar events have transpired in the mid 1930-ties when, according to the blog Squaring the Boston Globe, Winston Churchill was banned from BBC because he was considered a "war-monger".

Churchill was, as we already know, vindicated by events but the aftermath was 50 million dead and a calamity of unseen proprtions. What will the refusal to listen to the basic truths because they do not fit the media establishment's ideological mould cost humanity this time?

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