Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now what?

As you have all seen, the Democrats took both House and the Senate in the US midterm elections. Their "platfrom", if it can be called that at all, was basically to turn the elections into a referendum on Iraq. They partially succeeded, but there were other factors that contributed to this as well.

One of those was certainly the ineffectiveness of the administration and the Republican leadership in general. Not one of their policy issues was implemented since 2004 when Bush won re-election and the Republicans expanded their majorities. The initiatives the White House did take, such as immigration reform, were at odds with the GOP conservative base and did not even pass. Add to that the incessant bad news coming out of Iraq, several scandals involving Republican prominent congresspeople and the fact that the Democrats were silent on some of their domestic social issues such as gay rights, partial birth abortion, environment and those were reasons enough for many a republican voter to sit out this election or even switch parties.

The question now is what the Democrats will do with their newfound majority? Will they insist on pulling out of Iraq immediately? It is doubtful that they could be agressive on that as they were before because they risk vindicating all the things the Republicans said about them being the "cut and run" party. The democrat-cheering mainstream media in the US will be able to smooth that over under certain circumstances, however, so don't count out the complete Iraq pullout just yet. The key question will be if the Dems will insist on the multiculturalist agenda and issues I have written about above and try to impose them on the general public in America. That is a path to certain defeat in 2008 because the average American is still a traditionalist and will not subscribe to the moral relativism of the northeastern and San Francisco liberals. Such steps will almost certainly energize the GOP base and with them providing decent candidates we may well see a complete reversal of fortunes 2 years from now, however unlikely it may seem now. A week is an eternity in politics, let alone 2 years.

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