Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A lot of smoke and mirrors and now this

For several months we have been hearing tons of tough and threatening statements coming out of Washington and Teheran about the other. The world held it's breath waiting for another war that until a couple of months ago seemed inevitable. There were, however, those who begged to differ as to the appraisal of the US-Iran situation insisting that the whole thing was a camouflage and that the real relations between the two were radically different.

Back when I read it, the assumptions seemed far-fetched at best, bordering with whacky conspiracy theories. Besides, it was not possible, I reasoned, to impplement such cooperation between US and Iran without going public about it. And how could the two publicly cooperate after everything that has happened between them? But lo and behold, they seem to be starting to do so! Granted, it is Tony Blair speaking there not George Bush, but make no mistake: Blair would never say anything that at least would not be taken into consideration in Washington.

But what if it does happen? What if the US and UK do bring Iran and Syria into Iraq? Not only will that appear as a defeat but it will make many people revise their whole worldview made since 9/11. While that might seem an appealing prospect to many a liberal, it may be getting them more then they bargained for. You see, just because somebody used a political problem for his own ideological or selfish purposes does not mean that the problem itself does not exist. And the problem of islamic terrorism and expansionism is very much real. Whoever ignores it does so at his own peril.

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