Thursday, November 02, 2006

The gift that keeps on giving

I seemed all but a done deal for the democrats. A disastrous month in Iraq, discontent among the republican base over Bush's stand on several internal policy issues, the president's low approval rating. Then John Kerry came to the rescue of the republicans...again.

By now everyone has either seen Kerry's infamous statement or at least heard of it. Any individual in any country with an ounce of patriotism will hever look kindly upon insults directed towards it's military. With one sentence Kerry has basically vindicated all republican claims that the democrats are an anti-millitary party and seriously damaged their chances of winning next Tuesday. If you think that I am exaggerating look a bit closer in the news wires. As we speak, there are scores of democrats either asking Kerry to apologize or if they are running of office to cancel campaign appearances with them.

When Bush won re-election 2 years ago everybody was trying to spot which was Kerry's "jump-the-shark" moment, the thing that eventually sank his candidacy. But in fact there was none. Kerry was simply a bad candidate two years ago with his flip-flopping an inability to take a firm, coherent stand on any issue. It is rather ironic that he may well have had one just a few days ago. Talk about a late start!

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