Monday, November 20, 2006


I finally went to see the latest movie fenomenon, Borat. For several weeks now it is number one at box offices all around the world. The movie sparked controversy even before it hit the theaters because the governement of Kazakhstan was dissatisfied with the way their country is represented.

After seeing the movie I can say that the Kazakhs are exaggerating to say the least. It is true that Kazakhstan is shown as a hellhole without a single civilisational achievement whatsoever, whether material or spiritual, but the scenes are not put into an appropriate context. The Kazakhstan shown in Borat is the Kazakhstan(and any third world country) seen through the eyes of the average American and westerner in general. Later in the film Borat driving through the USA finds people that enforce every stereotypes about Americans imaginable. Some have said that this makes the movie anti-American but I disagree. It is, in my humble opinion, a film against stereotypes that are created today in spite of all means of communication invented so far. The movie is a laugh riot but if you don't like sexually explicit male humour this is not the film for you because there is an abundance of it. All others should go and see it.

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