Thursday, November 30, 2006

And speaking of putting up pretty faces...

I don't buy any fashiom magazines(I am desperate, but not that much) so I am definitely not a reader om Marie Claire. Debbie Schlussel has shown that I would have missed something this time around if it wasn't for her site(hat tip to Debbie).

Remember the cartoon 4 or 5 years ago showing "Taliban Playboy"? Truth is indeed stranger then fiction!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Peace on Earth and death to Jews

Tired of participants of various beauty pageants giving out the same old cliches about them wanting world peace, happiness and joy for everybody? Well, latest Miss Brussels certainly does not lack in originality. Yes, folks, that's the latest of the many marvelous results of the policies of multiculturalism: islamic fanatics putting a beautiful face to advertise genocidal intentions. Who says they don't adapt into European ways?

But what is most disturbing about the story is that it was not the advocation of mass slaughter that might get her stripped(pun unintentional, I assure you) off her crown but an alleged relationship with a violent crminal that has tortured and severely injured and old woman. Death of milions is not statistics only to Stalin, apparently.

Monday, November 20, 2006


I finally went to see the latest movie fenomenon, Borat. For several weeks now it is number one at box offices all around the world. The movie sparked controversy even before it hit the theaters because the governement of Kazakhstan was dissatisfied with the way their country is represented.

After seeing the movie I can say that the Kazakhs are exaggerating to say the least. It is true that Kazakhstan is shown as a hellhole without a single civilisational achievement whatsoever, whether material or spiritual, but the scenes are not put into an appropriate context. The Kazakhstan shown in Borat is the Kazakhstan(and any third world country) seen through the eyes of the average American and westerner in general. Later in the film Borat driving through the USA finds people that enforce every stereotypes about Americans imaginable. Some have said that this makes the movie anti-American but I disagree. It is, in my humble opinion, a film against stereotypes that are created today in spite of all means of communication invented so far. The movie is a laugh riot but if you don't like sexually explicit male humour this is not the film for you because there is an abundance of it. All others should go and see it.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Galloping Major has ridden off into the legend

He was suffering of illness for some time and the end was all but a matter of time. But however much it is expected death is always sad. Hungarian football legend Ferenc Puskas passed away yesterday at the age of 79.

Puskas was the first authentic football star and the symbol of the game in his era. Unde his leadership "light cavalry", the famous Hungarian team of the 1950-ies, went 4 years unbeaten in any game. Alas, their first defeat came in the 1954 World Cup final and thus they were deprived of football's ultimate prize. After the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 he defected to

The usual cliche' would be that his numbers speak for themsleves, but that certainly would not do him justice. It was not the 83 goals in 84 games for Hungary that made him great, nor the 4 goals in the 1960 European Cup final, nor the legendary game vs. England at Wembley in 1953. It was his footballing brain that made him stand above everyone else and his ability to find the right solution no matter what.

I am to young to have him seen play, but he was both of my late grandfathers' idol. Make sure you occupy good seats up there, grandads. You are about to see your favourite again.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Sopranos and Don Corleone ain't got nothing on these guys

Yemen has been a long time breeding ground for islamic terrorists. But, no worries, it's rulers know how to deal with that. How? Simple. They say the west in order to keep the terrorists away should send them money.

Sound familiar? Something along the lines of:"Pay me 5000$ a month and I will protect you from various mischief that might happen"? All similarity is purely intentional.

And what if the terrorists don't go away? Then Yemen will ask for more money. And most likely get it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A lot of smoke and mirrors and now this

For several months we have been hearing tons of tough and threatening statements coming out of Washington and Teheran about the other. The world held it's breath waiting for another war that until a couple of months ago seemed inevitable. There were, however, those who begged to differ as to the appraisal of the US-Iran situation insisting that the whole thing was a camouflage and that the real relations between the two were radically different.

Back when I read it, the assumptions seemed far-fetched at best, bordering with whacky conspiracy theories. Besides, it was not possible, I reasoned, to impplement such cooperation between US and Iran without going public about it. And how could the two publicly cooperate after everything that has happened between them? But lo and behold, they seem to be starting to do so! Granted, it is Tony Blair speaking there not George Bush, but make no mistake: Blair would never say anything that at least would not be taken into consideration in Washington.

But what if it does happen? What if the US and UK do bring Iran and Syria into Iraq? Not only will that appear as a defeat but it will make many people revise their whole worldview made since 9/11. While that might seem an appealing prospect to many a liberal, it may be getting them more then they bargained for. You see, just because somebody used a political problem for his own ideological or selfish purposes does not mean that the problem itself does not exist. And the problem of islamic terrorism and expansionism is very much real. Whoever ignores it does so at his own peril.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some things never change

Western media and those who try to impersonate them in former communist countries have long since adopted the code of political correctness. anybody who does not adhere to the mantras of this pseudo-ideology is automatically a persona non grata. This goes especially for people trying to warn their countries of birth from the dangers that face them.

Recently I have found out that this phenomenon is not entirely of present date. While it was nowhere as nearly as spread as today, simmilar events have transpired in the mid 1930-ties when, according to the blog Squaring the Boston Globe, Winston Churchill was banned from BBC because he was considered a "war-monger".

Churchill was, as we already know, vindicated by events but the aftermath was 50 million dead and a calamity of unseen proprtions. What will the refusal to listen to the basic truths because they do not fit the media establishment's ideological mould cost humanity this time?

Friday, November 10, 2006

He got in, among others

Minesotta got the honour and the distinction to send the first muslim to Congress. Keithh Ellison a democrat(surprise, surprise), has been elected to the House of Representatives.

So where will Ellison's first banquet as congressman-elect be? At the DNC? With his campaign staff? No way! He is going straight to the Council for American-Islamic Relations. While it professes to be a muslim lobbying group, CAIR's connection with some islamic terrorist organizations and some statments from prominent CAIR memebers make it a rather shady organization to say the least. It will be interesting to see Ellison's voting record, especially concerning terrorism and Middle East.

Incidentally, watch this video posted on the Little Green Footballs weblog. So much for the democrat separation of religion and politics.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now what?

As you have all seen, the Democrats took both House and the Senate in the US midterm elections. Their "platfrom", if it can be called that at all, was basically to turn the elections into a referendum on Iraq. They partially succeeded, but there were other factors that contributed to this as well.

One of those was certainly the ineffectiveness of the administration and the Republican leadership in general. Not one of their policy issues was implemented since 2004 when Bush won re-election and the Republicans expanded their majorities. The initiatives the White House did take, such as immigration reform, were at odds with the GOP conservative base and did not even pass. Add to that the incessant bad news coming out of Iraq, several scandals involving Republican prominent congresspeople and the fact that the Democrats were silent on some of their domestic social issues such as gay rights, partial birth abortion, environment and those were reasons enough for many a republican voter to sit out this election or even switch parties.

The question now is what the Democrats will do with their newfound majority? Will they insist on pulling out of Iraq immediately? It is doubtful that they could be agressive on that as they were before because they risk vindicating all the things the Republicans said about them being the "cut and run" party. The democrat-cheering mainstream media in the US will be able to smooth that over under certain circumstances, however, so don't count out the complete Iraq pullout just yet. The key question will be if the Dems will insist on the multiculturalist agenda and issues I have written about above and try to impose them on the general public in America. That is a path to certain defeat in 2008 because the average American is still a traditionalist and will not subscribe to the moral relativism of the northeastern and San Francisco liberals. Such steps will almost certainly energize the GOP base and with them providing decent candidates we may well see a complete reversal of fortunes 2 years from now, however unlikely it may seem now. A week is an eternity in politics, let alone 2 years.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Film review:"Departed"

It's been quite a while since Martin Scorcese went into mafia waters with his films. Since 1990 and the "Goodfellas", in fact. But for all those of us waiting 16 years for him to make something simmilar the wait was well worth it. "Departed" has taken mafia films to a new level.

The story revolves around two characters: Billie Costigan a Massachusets state policeman played by Leonardo Di Caprio(a good performance in general but he could have fixed the accent a bit) who goes undercover and infiltrates a crime sindicate led by Frank Costello(Jack Nicholson, brilliant as usual) and Colin Sullivan, a mole inflitrated inside the police by Costello, played by Matt Damon. Leading a double life soon begins to take both physical and emotional toll on both men and when their respective organizations become aware that they have leaks within them all hell breaks loose. Costigan and Sullivan soon realize that nothing is as it seems and that almost everyone involved with them is having a double life of a sort leaving them unsure as to who they actually work for. The ending is as original as it is unexpected.

Even if you are not a fan of Scorcese, the actors playing in the film or mafia movies in general you should not miss this in your local theatre. It guarantees that your eyes will be glued to the screen for the full two and a half hours of the duration.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The gift that keeps on giving

I seemed all but a done deal for the democrats. A disastrous month in Iraq, discontent among the republican base over Bush's stand on several internal policy issues, the president's low approval rating. Then John Kerry came to the rescue of the republicans...again.

By now everyone has either seen Kerry's infamous statement or at least heard of it. Any individual in any country with an ounce of patriotism will hever look kindly upon insults directed towards it's military. With one sentence Kerry has basically vindicated all republican claims that the democrats are an anti-millitary party and seriously damaged their chances of winning next Tuesday. If you think that I am exaggerating look a bit closer in the news wires. As we speak, there are scores of democrats either asking Kerry to apologize or if they are running of office to cancel campaign appearances with them.

When Bush won re-election 2 years ago everybody was trying to spot which was Kerry's "jump-the-shark" moment, the thing that eventually sank his candidacy. But in fact there was none. Kerry was simply a bad candidate two years ago with his flip-flopping an inability to take a firm, coherent stand on any issue. It is rather ironic that he may well have had one just a few days ago. Talk about a late start!