Friday, October 20, 2006

There'll always be an England...right?

Well not if the British liberal esablishment has anything to say about it! Their stuffing the ideology of multiculturalism down the British people's throats has reached new hights(or lows, if you prefer) of pathology.

Remember the stories from totalitarian regimes such as nazi Germany and the communist countries of how children used to report parents to the secret police if they countered the party ideology? Well, something simmilar, actually something much worse happened in England a couple of days ago. Apparently, a teacher reported to the police a girl from her class for racism because she complained nobody in the group she has had to work in spoke English! The girl had to spend 12 hours in jail along with the dregs of society for speaking her native tongue in her native land!

Sounds like a Monthy Python's sketch. Except I'm not laughing and neither should you.

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Nikola said...

yes its outrageous, and this is most certainly not an isolated case.