Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And nobody says anything about it!

George Soros, the mainstream media darling, celebrated philatropist and a champion of just about every liberal left cause on the planet has given an interview to CBS "60 minutes". According to Atlas Shrugs he has revealed not only how he pulled through Hungary as a Jew during WWII but also parts of his personality. I advise everyone to read carefully the bolded part.

Shocked? Consternated? You should be!

So killing people and taking their property away is like being in a market? Civilised peoples have been calling that "murder" and "robbery" since the dawn of time. I guess this is the new age of tolerance we are being ushered in.

But the worst part is, besides bloggers, no official organization reacted to this so far. None of those societies supposedly devoted to tracking down Holocaust victims' propeties raised their voice, not one liberal pundit called Soros to task and said that it would be morally impermissible for him to finance any political organizations anywhere. Needless to say, if he was pursuing conservative causes they would be all over him but since he is "their scum" I suppose it makes him off-limits.

Another question poses itself naturally. Soros came to the UK as a refugee after the war and immediately enrolled in the London School of Economics. How could a supposedly dirt-poor refugee afford tuition fees there? The origins of Soros' wealth are murky at best. If one digs deep enough, who knows what one might find.

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